Flash your My|Phone a818 Duo

Having hard time rooting your android a818 duo? Have you tried unlockroot and superoneclick already? but still wasn't able to root your device? You still have a chance to root your phone by the use of flashing. But the risk of bricking your phone is higher. If you want to try this alternative but risky way of rooting your a818 duo, then continue reading below.

Why Flash?

Flashing is the other way to gain Root Access it is also used to fix the error of our phone but due to some mistakes and lack of knowledge, it can BRICK your device.

Back Up ROM

Make sure you have a rooted ROM of any version of my|phone a818 to make this happen. If you don't have any, you may download this v11 rooted ROM of wolf09

How to Flash?

1. You have to download MT65x3 USB VCOM  driver and Flash Tool then install it.
2. Make sure you enable(checked) USB mode under options. (refer to the image below)

Click image to enlarge

3. Load your scatter file from your back up ROM. then select(check) the file you want to flash. (see image below). Please be sure that the file is on the right place.

Click image to enlarge

4. Turn off you phone and remove the battery for at least 20seconds. Then return it.
5. Press download button. When the countdown started, connect your USB cable to your phone. It will start the flashing. Just wait until the yellow bar dissappears then a green circle pop-ups, that means your flashing was successful.

For those who want to read a tagalog version of this tutorial, you may visit this thread:

Credits goes to: Supergoku of symbianize and  bgcngm
Photo credits to: Supergoku of Symbianize


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